Printing and Lamination

Josh Packaging prints on Uteco CI formatted presses. Uteco is one of the leading OEM for Flexo presses worldwide because of their patented technology which allows pressman to print at high speeds without compromising quality.


Uteco presses are  designed to operate with as little waste and energy consumption as possible.

  • 10 color printing stations
  • Servo motor and direct drive technology ensuring optimum printing and registration quality
  • Web width as wide as 61.75” and repeat as big as 45”
  • Speeds of 1800’/minute
  • Automatic viscosity control
  • Registered Matte/Gloss overprint varnishes
  • Suitable to Print on different types of plastic and paper substrates
  • Automatic wash up system minimizing downtime and changeover

The AVT Inspection System is a hardware/software solution that helps Josh Packaging ensure flawless quality and execution throughout its printing and converting stages.

  • Printing Presses are equipped with two synchronized advanced cameras that project the live print on multiple monitors for press operators and managers to see
  • Cameras detect and alert the operators of undesired patterns and defects in the live print that would be impossible for the naked eye to detect that quickly or at all.
  • The software aggregates statistics of the defects that later compile into insightful reports.
  • The software scans the printed sample and compares it with the customer approved PDF for any minute discrepancies like numbers in the nutritional ingredient panel.
  • The system is  equipped with in-line relative spectros (color measuring instruments) that alert operators of live color deviation during the run.

For multi-structure packaging solutions, Josh Packaging uses Uteco Rainbow solventless laminator.

  • Tension controls on both unwind and rewind side of the machine ensuring optimal quality and smooth finished rolls.
  • Adhesive mixer automatically balances and blends the different adhesives to the correct ratios before coating the film.
  • Added Corona treater to further diminish the chance of delamination or defects in the final product.
  • Solvent-less laminator is ideal for Pet-food packaging applications because pets can smell the solvent in the lamination.
  • Custom infrared reader ensures adhesive coat weights are stable and within tolerance for ideal bond strength and optimal appearance”.

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