Our story begins with the American dream…

Cousins Abe Golshirazian and Nejat Rahmani immigrated to the United States from Iran in the 70’s in pursuit of a better life. Settling in Boston, Massachusetts, they learned the language, worked odd jobs, and earned engineering degrees all while navigating a new way of life in America. As soon as they graduated from college, Abe and Nejat were ready for their next pursuit, a business of their own.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with optimal eco-friendly packaging solutions and unparalleled service through continued investments in technology and research in sustainability.

Customer Service

2-3 week lead times


Complimentary consultation


Expert logistics team


Cutting-edge technology & machinery


High-quality vendors & input materials


Experienced technical workforce

Competitive Pricing

Everything made in-house


6 Sigma manufacturing systems


Over 30 years of experience

Average miles of roll-stock printed per year


Completed printed jobs this year


Percent of jobs shipped within 2-3 week leadtime

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Next to our customer service and 6 sigma manufacturing processes which already minimize waste, our sustainability practices are a core part of what we do and who we are.

Continuous operating incinerator reduces VOC emissions by 95%

Solvent recovery program reclaims 85% of our dirty solvents

Energy efficient LED lighting throughout our facility

Solvent hazardous waste ships to a cement refinery used for fuel blending

Majority of polyethylene trim and set-up material get recycled and repurposed for liner bags

Internal recycling programs for high consumables like pallets, cores, metal and more

Internal R&D team exploring alternative environmentally friendly packaging

Cleaning and sanitation program

Pest control program

Demand response energy consumption programs


Custom Packaging Design

Josh Packaging now offers a variety of packaging design solutions, FREE OF CHARGE!




Baked Goods


Candy Bars


Cleaning Supplies

Frozen Foods






Our Customers

By always putting our customers first, we have been a trusted partner to globally renowned brands for over three decades.

Blog Entries

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  • In your own words, what is meant by a sustainable, “green” operation? In layman’s terms, operating at a high capacity with as little harmful environmental impact as possible. Mathematically it is output/harmful environmental impact. The greater the number the better! So how does Josh Packaging......

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