Sustainable Packaging

With growing concerns over climate change and plastic pollution, Josh Packaging is committed to offer our customers environmentally friendly packaging options. Our R&D team is current with recyclable/compostable packaging trends, and we have already partnered with reputable suppliers that offer sustainable materials.


Below are the different environmentally friendly options we offer:

Josh Packaging Sustainable Product Packaging Solutions

Compostable Products


  • Packaging is made from bio plastics 
  • Bio plastics are resins made from organic and renewable resources like corn, sugarcane, cellulose and more
  • Substitutes traditional resins made from petroleum products like crude oil that cannot be composted
  • Bio-plastics breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, or biomass at the same rate as paper while not emitting any toxic materials in the process 
  • Bio-plastics biodegrade in industrial composting facilities per conditions set by ASTM D6400.
  • Can be produced in both roll-stock and pouch format

Recyclable Products


  • Packaging is made exclusively from different kinds of polyethylene
  • Replaces traditional PET/PE laminate structures that cannot be recycled 
  • Packaging can be recycled with other polyethylene bags at “Store Drop-off” bins found outside supermarkets. 
  • Can be produced in both roll-stock and pouch format

Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) Products


  • A portion of the packaging is made from recycled resins
  • Can be produced in both roll-stock and pouch format

Sustainable Packaging Options


Printing Specs


  • Up to 10 color designs
  • Up to 62” wide web
  • Up to 40” repeat
  • Registered Matte and Gloss Varnishes


Additives / Coatings


  • Cold seal (ideal for chocolate bars)
  • Anti fog (ideal for produce bags)
  • UV resistant (ideal for outdoor bags)




  • Snacks
  • Nuts
  • Seafood
  • Candy
  • Frozen foods
  • Disposables
  • Agriculture
  • Produce

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