Family – The Backbone of Josh Packaging

First off, how is the Josh Packaging family? What is the blood connection? How did it come to be?

My dad Abe and my cousin Nejat were born in Isfahan, Iran where they had family roots there for generations. In the 1970s, the political climate was changing rapidly in Iran, eventually leading to the Islamic revolution in 1979. Prior to the revolution – because my dad and Nejat foresaw the political change coming – they left Iran for political and religious freedom. They worked incredibly hard to get a foothold here in the United States, got engineering degrees, and eventually landed in the plastic (could we use a more encompassing term) business. Fast-forward to 2016, my twin brother, Aharon, and I joined the company after getting our undergrads. So you got twin boys, a father, a cousin, and a cousin’s wife at Josh Packaging, and hopefully more family members in the near future.
Yeah, I’m sure you can imagine; we got some good days and bad days at work…

So how is it working with Family?

It can be challenging at times – separating the “work” from “family,” but we all do a good job shutting off the business brain when we are together outside of work. It’s really a true blessing to have the opportunity to work with family. We get to experience our loved ones’ professional and hustle side every day. Some families can’t pull it off for a number of reasons, but we seem to make it work.

So were you and your brother always planning on working for the “fam” business?

Not really I guess. Never really thought of it. We both graduated from Binghamton University in New York with business degrees, so we were somewhat prepared that way. The weekend we got home from college graduation, my dad told us (in his Persian accent) “You are coming to work with me on Monday!” We both had nothing really lined up so we gave it a shot. The rest is history.

So why should your customers and future customers care that Josh Packaging is family-run?

For starters, we got skin in the game. Everything we do directly affects our pocket, so obviously we are going to take extra care of our customers. When Josh Packaging has a good year, we all have a good year. We also take extra pride in what we are doing because it’s family – we have a reputation to uphold. We truly want all of our customers to be impressed with our quality and service.

But honestly and more importantly, the real reason why you should care about our family is that we deeply understand the day-in and day-out grind and hustle it takes to operate a small/medium size business – especially a manufacturing operation. We know how difficult it can be for our customers to get through the day/week/month/quarter/year. We know this because we experience it.

For this reason, we are service-driven. We never want our customers worrying about their packaging needs – lead times, quality, defects, sustainability, whatever it is. You focus on growing your business and we worry about your packaging needs. This is what makes us different from other packaging companies. We develop true relationships with our customers, to better understand how we can make their lives easier. How we can help you directly or indirectly accomplish your business goals for the year.

I can with 100% confidence say that this is because Josh Packaging at its core is FAMILY!!

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