Josh Packaging Offers Industry Low MOQ’s

What is meant by MOQ’s and why is it so important for our customers?

MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. So currently, our MOQ is 25M, no matter what style of packaging; yes, even a laminated stand-up pouch. It’s important for our customers to have the liberty to order small quantities for a few reasons.


Smaller companies, which don’t have the volume yet, make it possible for you to still have high-end printed packaging. We use this as an opportunity to help you, smaller companies, grow and stand out from your competition in grocery stores and online marketplaces.


You can take advantage of the smaller quantities for promo runs or design changes. Instead of waiting until the 100K of pouches is used up in inventory before making a design change, you can change the design/ingredients now. We find so many companies waiting such a long time before making changes in their design or ingredients because of finished inventory. It’s holding you back from innovation and change. Put an end to it!


Why have 100K of pouches already on your books, when you know it is going to take you 6 months to go through them?

Pay as you go along and use the money for investing elsewhere. We all work in a huge capital investment industry. It would stick if you were not able to capitalize on new machinery/opportunities because of liquidity.

Why does Josh Packaging offer industry low MOQs?

Pretty simple, because we can. We run such a tight and lean operation, that we can operate with very competitive margins. Other companies would be in the red when running quantities that low.

Why is it important to Josh Packaging to offer low MOQs?

We like to help the start-up/family business/smaller companies grow. We are not just a manufacturing company that makes and ships you packaging. We are your partners trying to help you grow every step in the process. This really hits home to us, because we are a family business too. We appreciate and leverage all the help/services we get from our vendors.

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